colorful abstract effect

Create a new file and choose new on a black background document
new document

By the pen tool just draw a thick and long mark and make sure your forground color is white
draw by pen tool

Go to filter located on top of menu bar and select Liquify
liquify to make flare

Draw flare effect long or shortly very smoothly

In layer palette make a new layer

Make a simple draw by pen tool and create flare by Liquify filter

Create every flares by making new layer for every single flare effects (Do not use same layer)

To gather every layer in single one, just go to Layer on the menu bar and choose flatten Image

Then create a new layer from the layer palette to create the abstract effect on that

Draw by pen tools using pen tool on that new layer. Use colors whatever you prefer
draw for colorful effect

From the layer menu click on overlay to make it looks like abstract

This is what we wanted at all
abstract colorful effect created by photoshop

create colorful abstract flare in photoshop

It is very easy to remove anything from any image in photoshop like this picture

so let's get started..
Go to the tool bar and choose clone stamp tool which located left

On that image, right click on mouse and choose the first brush with size 200px and hardness 0

Select a suitable and nearby area by which the animal will covered by

Start covering the animals by the area you selected

Then cover another cow carefully. you can select any area which is suitable to you

After removing the big animals now you can proceed to cover the small animals

Finish them one by one you can change these cover areas in several times

Go to left and choose quick selection tool

select leafs of the tree just nearby the cables

right click on selected area and click Layer Via Copy to separate it from the cables that we are going to remove

After that choose the background layer to work on it

Start removing the cables from left before that select the sky from above from clone stamp tool. it is easy !

And then cables nearby the leafs. now it won't remove the leafs

so we got our clean image without animals and unexpected things

how to easily remove anything in photoshop

How to create fixed text

Want to create an image like this ? Let's start with me..

Go to File> choose New > give any width or height of the 

From the left tool bar click on rounded rectangle tool then go to top bar under menu bar and change the radius to 130px or any radius then hold left mouse button and move to right and down to enlarge it,as you want and it will be created in a new layer itself

On that layer go (fx) or filter button

choose Gradient Overlay from the menu

it will open a window like this

click on down left color button and the color option located below to choose any color i choose little bit dark grey

easily create

Then another color from the right down button and choosing little bit brighter grey

Draw like logo

select the type tool just above the pointer in the left

create any logo

and type anything

choose any text

On the layer palette, go back to Rounded Rectangle 1

right click on it and choose Copy Layer Style

Go to the type (Fixed text) layer again right click an just paste the layer style

Now it look like this and not good

go to the filter button and click Inner Glow or Blending Option..

Choose Blend mood to normal from top, opacity 100% , choke 0 and size 2

click on inner shadow Opacity 75%, distance 3, choke 0 and the size 5

If you want then just delete the background from layers

Okay we got our fixed text image within very short time ! ! !

create in photoshop

How to create fixed text on any logo in photoshop